The New Fan’s Guide to Loving Football

Once every two or four years during the summer months, a new breed of soccer fan is born. With hours and hours of soccer reporting you have to begin to be keen on watching it at some stage. They begin to like it. You can now get a similar quality of soccer in domestic league games to that of big tournaments. But more recently the top leagues around the world have become just as exciting, if not more exciting to watch.

You have the MLS to watch and there are many local teams in the USA. The season is afoot up until November. The quality of the football is getting better and better with many major stars now heading to America to play their soccer.

Europe is where most of the big name stars play their soccer. You can see these big stars on a lot of TV networks now. Serie A produced the best team in Europe last season as Inter Milan won the all European club competition. Many of the USA World Cup squad play in Europe. Landon Donovan had a good spell at Everton last year. USA players play in other leagues too. Jay DeMerit has had a successful time at Watford in the npower Championship.

Maybe one of the more fun things you can do if you are a new fan is to check out old videos and brush up on your soccer history. People are always saying things were greater in their day, so go look. It’s good to be able to show off your soccer knowledge. I am jealous you get to learn it all afresh.

Spain begins its domestic soccer season in August. They are both very famous clubs. Spain had seven Barcelona players in their winning side. Three of them play for เว็บบอล ufabet ออนไลน์Real, with one representative from Villarreal, Jozy Altidore’s team in Spain. It can be hard to get tickets for big games in England. I recommend an npower Championship game if you can’t get Premier League tickets. There are five teams in around London in the division. It is a tough league like the MLS. Often it is played at a much higher tempo though in the npower Championship.