10 Football Coaching Tips For Kids You Can’t Do Without

Football coaching for kids can be just as demanding and hard work as it is for professional managers. No matter whether you are an experienced football coach or first time manager of a kids’ team, you can benefit from these 10 tips to become a better soccer coach.

1. Use Soccer drills

Soccer drills are the foundations that help to teach the players the basics of the game. Skills such as dribbling round cones, passing games, running and fitness exercises are great for developing techniques and awareness.

2. Encourage players to think for themselves

Letting players think for themselves can help them learn from their mistakes, and take the glory when they get things right

3. Develop their life skills as well as football skills

Football coaches have a moral responsibility to help to develop players’ life skills as well as their football skills. Accepting that they won’t always score or win, and that referees are always right, will help the young player develop as a person. Being courteous and professional on the pitch can transfer into being a pleasant and polite person off the pitch.

4. Let the children play football

It’s better to watch them play than to lecture them, and make football practice boring. Watching players progress and seeing how they cope in situations, is a very rewarding aspect of football coaching.

5. Make attainable goals

Children respond well to challenges. You can make something more exciting by making it competitive. Weekly, monthly or season long targets are a good idea and can be set for the team as a whole or for individual players.

6. Be Age-aware

Be realistic about what you expect from your players. Young and inexperienced players will make mistakes, and there is no point in over-training, or exercising them to the point of exhaustion.

7. Don’t concentrate solely on winning

Whilst it’s great to win, it’s better to ensure that the players are www.ufabetenjoying themselves, and learning. A team may learn more from losing than winning. The team spirit and confidence is as important when a team is losing as it is when winning.